Jasmin version 0.6b26 is out !

Jasmin 0.6b26 is now available. This release comes to close all major issues in 0.6’s roadmap, some documentation and packaging issues are remaining before opening a new 0.7 release sprint, you’re invited to upgrade your Jasmin installation for better stability and more features.

What do i get in this release ?
  • [Fixed] Message state received in the receipt are not smpp-standard #181,
  • [Fixed] Wrong interpretation of the DLR receipt request #183,
  • [Fixed] Messages having “GSM message class control” set, never get sent out #182,
  • [Fixed] Updating a user balance through PB does not get synced in jCli console #185,
  • [Fixed] Error in submit_sm_errback: __init__() takes exactly 3 arguments (1 given) #184,
  • [Feature] Rejecting for SMPP Connector unavailability can be enhanced #188,
  • [Feature] Billing – raise rate value precision #189.

And more:

  • Install Jasmin using rpm or deb packages,
  • Run Jasmin in a docker container: docker pull jookies/jasmin,
  • Enjoy the new jCli module, stats:
    • Show statistics for users: http & smpp connections and activities,
    • Show statistics for SMPP client connectors,
    • Show statistics for SMPP server api,
    • Show statistics for HTTP server api.
How to install Jasmin ? RTFM !
Looking forward to your feedback, please feel free to post on the mailing list of Jasmin public google group or post an issue on github.

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