How to get my balance status on Jasmin ?

Starting from 0.6b37, user will be able to:

Check his current balance status

As documented here, user can query his balance status, we’ve set up a demo account on our SMS Hub so you can check what’s a balance checking look like:

And here’s the response you’ll get:

{"balance": 5.6, "sms_count": "ND"}

It’s a json message saying user has 5.6 in his balance and an undefined sms quota, more on user credentials to understand balance and quota.

Check the rate price before sending a SMS

As documented here, user can check the rate price before sending a sms, the check will return the price if a route matches the destination number, otherwise a “No route found” error will be returned, here’s an example you can test:


{"submit_sm_count": 1, "unit_rate": 0.0067}

It’s a json message saying the rate price is 0.0067, the submit_sm_count key is useful if the user indicated the message content when checking the rate price, here’s an example of checking the rate price of a long message: … oonG


{"submit_sm_count": 2, "unit_rate": 0.0067}

This means the message will be sent as two parts, the final price will be 0.0134.


If the user has unlimited balance, the rate price will always be 0.

Jasmin version 0.6b37 is out !

Jasmin 0.6b37 is now available. This release comes to close many important issues in 0.6’s roadmap, some documentation and minor issues are remaining before opening a new 0.7 release sprint, we strongly advise you to upgrade your Jasmin installation for better stability and enjoy more features.

What do i get in this release ?
  • [Feature] Provide a way to update user’s balance by adding instead of setting #250,
  • [Feature] Add feature to check route rate through http api #258,
  • [Feature] Add more stats collection for connectors: Sent/received messages, errors, tracking … #160, #236
  • [Feature] Consult balance through http api #255,
  • [Fixed] When route is not found, submit_sm_resp must return ESME_RINVDSTADR instead of ESME_RSYSERR #259,
  • [Feature] RouterPB and SMPPClientManagerPB must provide a callable method returning Jasmin’s version #251,
  • [Fixed] Bad long message concatenation for UCS2 (coding = 8) #256,
  • [Fixed] Requeue messages when SubmitSMResp is not received (timed out) #247,
  • [Fixed] Upgrading to 0.6b33 will lead to an error with stored SMPPc configurations #241,
  • [Fixed] Queues in are growing even if the messages are delivered to http connector #240,
  • [Fixed] Throwing DLR to http connector: 501 Not Implemented (get) #239,
  • [Fixed] HTTP/SMPP: Message goes to a dark hole, not sent through SMPPc #234,
  • [Fixed] Statistics on SMS #228,
  • [Feature] Provide a log rotation mechanism for all jasmin logs #227,
  • [Feature] Parse receipts having only receipted_message_id and message_state optional parameters #224,
  • [Fixed] SMPPc: updating loglevel update wont take effect for online connector #222,
  • [Fixed] Limit the user password length to 8 chars #221,
  • [Feature] Recognize msg id when returned in deliver_sm with different encoding (int or hex) #210,
  • [Fixed] When reloading data from disk for first time, initialize stats for connectors and users #207,
  • [Fixed] Evalpy filter issues #196,
  • [Fixed] Jasmin doesnt recognize DLR in MO (deliver_sm) received from another Jasmin instance #195,
  • [Feature] Make persisted configurations compatible after upgrading Jasmin #192.
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