Jasmin version 0.8.10 is out !

We’re glad to announce that Jasmin 0.8.10 is now available. This release comes to close many important issues in 0.7 & 0.8 roadmaps and some new interesting features, we strongly advise you to upgrade your Jasmin installation for better stability and enjoy more features.

The Jookies web site has been launched with this new release, Jookies is the company providing enterprise support, services & hosting for Jasmin.

What do i get in this release ?
  • [Feature] Message interception: the new feature allowing more flexibility while handling messaging flows, like relying on external/third party systems for billing, charging or accounting, or for doing HLR lookups and enhanced routings, checkout the docs for more.
  • [Feature] Added a new kind of filter: TagFilter, a message can be tagged when intercepted, this filter will help achieving intelligent routing.
  • [Feature] Better jCli display,
  • [Feature] Accept receipts (dlrs) within data_sm pdus
  • [Feature] Better jCli display,
  • [Feature] Ignore TLVs in submit_sm and deliver_sm pdus,
  • [Feature] Provide a config auto-migration process to avoid having problems when upgrading Jasmin,
  • [Feature] Provide docker images,
  • [Fixed] Packaging for Red Hat, CentOS, Debian & Ubuntu,
  • [Feature] Filter enhancements: source_address filter must be available for mt routing,
  • [Feature] Possibility to disable or/and unbind a user,
How to install Jasmin ? RTFM !
Looking forward to your feedback, please feel free to post on the mailing list of Jasmin public google group, post an issue on github or request a commercial support.