Jasmin version 0.6b37 is out !

Jasmin 0.6b37 is now available. This release comes to close many important issues in 0.6’s roadmap, some documentation and minor issues are remaining before opening a new 0.7 release sprint, we strongly advise you to upgrade your Jasmin installation for better stability and enjoy more features.

What do i get in this release ?
  • [Feature] Provide a way to update user’s balance by adding instead of setting #250,
  • [Feature] Add feature to check route rate through http api #258,
  • [Feature] Add more stats collection for connectors: Sent/received messages, errors, tracking … #160, #236
  • [Feature] Consult balance through http api #255,
  • [Fixed] When route is not found, submit_sm_resp must return ESME_RINVDSTADR instead of ESME_RSYSERR #259,
  • [Feature] RouterPB and SMPPClientManagerPB must provide a callable method returning Jasmin’s version #251,
  • [Fixed] Bad long message concatenation for UCS2 (coding = 8) #256,
  • [Fixed] Requeue messages when SubmitSMResp is not received (timed out) #247,
  • [Fixed] Upgrading to 0.6b33 will lead to an error with stored SMPPc configurations #241,
  • [Fixed] Queues in deliver.sm.CID are growing even if the messages are delivered to http connector #240,
  • [Fixed] Throwing DLR to http connector: 501 Not Implemented (get) #239,
  • [Fixed] HTTP/SMPP: Message goes to a dark hole, not sent through SMPPc #234,
  • [Fixed] Statistics on SMS #228,
  • [Feature] Provide a log rotation mechanism for all jasmin logs #227,
  • [Feature] Parse receipts having only receipted_message_id and message_state optional parameters #224,
  • [Fixed] SMPPc: updating loglevel update wont take effect for online connector #222,
  • [Fixed] Limit the user password length to 8 chars #221,
  • [Feature] Recognize msg id when returned in deliver_sm with different encoding (int or hex) #210,
  • [Fixed] When reloading data from disk for first time, initialize stats for connectors and users #207,
  • [Fixed] Evalpy filter issues #196,
  • [Fixed] Jasmin doesnt recognize DLR in MO (deliver_sm) received from another Jasmin instance #195,
  • [Feature] Make persisted configurations compatible after upgrading Jasmin #192.
How to install Jasmin ? RTFM !
Looking forward to your feedback, please feel free to post on the mailing list of Jasmin public google group, post an issue on github or request a commercial support.

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